Let IT cook for you

EveryCook is more than just a kitchen device. EveryCook is your guide and intelligent assistant.

Imagine, you just pour some raw ingredients into a bowl, do something else for some time, and when you come back you can enjoy your wished dish!
There is a device that does that and more: the EveryCook.

YOU can control EveryCook with any of the internet-enabled devices you already own: your smartphone, your tablet, your PC , your Mac or even a Smart TV. Even better EveryCook links up to our online recipe database, offering you an endless support of ideas for your meal.

Choose from a huge variety of recipes from every known kitchen style like Asian, French, Mexican or German. As you make more and more dishes they will automatically improve and fit more and more your personal preferences and needs.

EveryCook always cooks your food at the right temperature and uses pressure cooking to decrease its energy consumption by up to 30%. With fresh ingredients instead of processed food even more energy is saved before the food enters your kitchen.

Instead of convenience food, you can now have a healthy dinner with little effort. EveryCook prepares your meal all by itself once you have added the ingredients. Use the time to check your emails or play with your kids instead of standing in the kitchen.

With EveryCook YOU can now choose from local ingredients to make your meals. Which ultimately results in a lower CO2 emission due to smaller transportation ways. Also EveryCook knows how much food exactly you need, so there will be no leftovers, which get thrown away.