EveryCook cooks for you

Imagine a device that you can fill with raw ingredients and 30 minutes later it will present you with a finished meal: the EveryCook. It simply provides you with a faster, healthier, more sustainable and less time-consuming way of cooking your meal.

EveryCook is connected

You can control your EveryCook with any of the internet-enabled devices you already have at home: your mobile, your tablet or even a smart TV. Even better: EveryCook links up to our online recipe databank, offering you an endless supply of ideas for meals.

EveryCook is intelligent

Our kitchen device does not only cook for you, it also guides you step by step through any recipe you want. EveryCook gives you simple instructions, learns your preferences and helps you avoid mistakes. All thanks to its integrated computer.

Eat healthier

With EveryCook you can enjoy a meal made from fresh ingredients even if you have little time to cook. Thanks to ability to pressure cook, healthy vitamins are preserved in your meal and if you are on diet, keep track of your calories with our recipe database.

Save time

Instead of convenience food, you can now have a healthy dinner with little effort. EveryCook prepares your meal all by itself once you have added the ingredients. Use the time to check your emails or play with your kids instead of standing in the kitchen.

Save energy

EveryCook always cooks your food at the right temperature and uses pressure cooking to decrease its energy consumption by up to 30%. With fresh ingredients instead of processed food even more energy is saved before the food enters your kitchen.

EverCook is open source

We are strong believers in open source. That is why all our software is freely available on github and you can also check out our hardware designs on the SketchFab or GrabCAD. And of course we use a RaspberryPi and an Arduino.

EveryCook_V6_2 from aliosha on Sketchfab. Klick model for 3D view.

Everycook is for you

Finally a kitchen device that focuses on your very particular needs. The recipe database will suggest you stuff that you like, EveryCook adapts its style to your preferences and with the customized interface you can adapt any recipe how you like it.

Everycook is safe

Our built-in safety features make sure that you can cook anything without trouble even if you have never prepared a meal before. Instructions are simple and EveryCook keeps a watchful eye on your meal, so the times of burnt food are over.

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